Digital health compliance, made simple MDR & GDPR webinar |

Webinar recording MDR & GDPR: practical tips and tools for health innovators

Learn the implications of MDR, why GDPR compliance is essential and how all this impacts your project timeline.

From May 2020, many eHealth applications will have to comply with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). Watch our webinar to learn how this will affect your digital health application. We explain the link between MDR and GDPR, describe some tools that can help, and show how speeds up the certification process for you.

Learn about MDR and why it matters for Digital Health.

Understand the requirements for MDR-certified applications.

Find out why GDPR compliance is so important.

Compare the pros and cons of different tools & technologies.

See how saves you time, money and reduces risk.

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Jovan Stevovic, CEO of

About the Presenter

Jovan Stevovic

Dr Jovan Stevovic is the co-founder and CEO of Jovan has over a decade of experience in the eHealth industry. He is an active member of the eHealth startup community in Berlin and Italy. He is an expert in data security for eHealth and has a PhD in this field.

Matteo Gubellini, CRO of SoftComply

About the Presenter

Matteo Gubellini

Matteo Gubellini is the Co-founder & VP of Regulatory Affairs/Chief Regulatory Officer at SoftComply, a company dedicated to speeding up the MDR certification process by automating regulatory compliance with affordable Jira and Confluence apps.