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Webinar: Medical Device Cybersecurity & Data Protection Regulations

Watch webinar recording about practical tips on cybersecurity for medical devices, with overview of the new laws and technology

This free webinar on medical device data protection and cybersecurity focuses on the Medical Device Cybersecurity and Data Protection Regulations in the EU and the US, the GDPR & HIPAA, respectively.

Learn about cybersecurity and why it matters for Digital Health

Understand the requirements for ensuring cybersecurity for medical devices

Have an overview of the newest legislation

Compare the pros and cons of different tools & technologies

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Jovan Stevovic, CEO of

About the Presenter

Jovan Stevovic

Dr Jovan Stevovic is the co-founder and CEO of Jovan has over a decade of experience in the eHealth industry. He is an active member of the eHealth startup community in Berlin and Italy. He is an expert in data security for eHealth and has a PhD in this field.

Matteo Gubellini, CRO of SoftComply

About the Presenter

Matteo Gubellini

Matteo Gubellini is the Co-founder & VP of Regulatory Affairs/Chief Regulatory Officer at SoftComply, a company dedicated to speeding up the MDR certification process by automating regulatory compliance with affordable Jira and Confluence apps.