Digital health compliance, made simple

Benefits of using is your ideal partner to minimise risks on compliance, time and costs

Cut total project costs

Save thousands on consultants, software development and maintenance

Developing and maintaining all the code and infrastructure for storing health data is expensive. Even for a small app it can easily exceed €500,000. With you get guaranteed compliance while saving significant resources.

We will save you thousands on consultants, software development and maintenance, while ensuring optimal data security, safety and audit-ready documentation.

Save months of development time

Be up and running in just days with our plug and play platform

Developing the required technical compliance measures will take your developers several months.

By contrast, integrating the API will take your developers almost no time and guarantee compliance.

Your project will be up and running in just days using our simple plug-and-play security platform.

Get rid of compliance risks

Become compliant-by-design with our expertise and modular IT platform

As recent fines have proved, the risks of getting things wrong are huge. With, you can completely eliminate the risks relating to data storage and management.

As your partner in your digital health project we deliver compliance-by-design with our expert team and modular IT platform. offers a modular development platform and expert services to help you become compliant.
We are your ideal partner to deliver a risk-free digital health application.