We offer free services to startups and NGOs fighting coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on people's lives. Many NGOs and startups are rushing to develop applications that can help with the effects. As part of our efforts to support, we are offering free consultancy and use of our platform for startups and NGOs dealing with coronavirus.

Why we want to help

Over the past two months, Coronavirus has turned our lives upside down, particularly here in Italy. More and more startups and companies are rushing to develop applications to help with the crisis. By their very nature, many of these applications will be dealing with sensitive patient data.

But we must avoid creating serious data protection issues for the future by making rushed decisions today. So, it’s essential not to ignore data protection and data security. - Jovan Stevovic, CEO at

We understand that as a developer, your priority is making your app available as soon as possible. So, we want to share our knowledge and expertise in data security and data protection to help you in the fight against Coronavirus. So, from today, March 23 2020, we are offering free services to any startup or NGO developing an app to fight the pandemic.

Details for Startups fighting coronavirus

You will receive 2 hours of free legal and technical consultancy. We will use this to establish exactly what you need to put in place to become compliant. This includes going through our proforma DPIA (data protection impact assessment), checking all legal documentation with you and working out what technical measures you need to implement. We will then give you 6 months free access to our platform, which provides all the technical measures you need to be compliant.

Details for nonprofits and NGOs dealing with COVID-19

You will receive 2 hours of free legal and technical consultancy. This will allow us to establish what measures you need to put in place to be compliant with GDPR and HIPAA. This will include going through paperwork, such as the DPIA as well as legal documentation like your privacy policy. At the end, we will establish what technical measures you need. We will then assist you to set up our tech on your own server/cloud instance and give you 6 months free use.

We strongly believe that social responsibility and shared effort both as citizens and in the digital health technology space will bring sustainable solutions to fight this problem much faster. - Jovan Stevovic, CEO at

More about solves data security for digital health. Founded in 2014, we now have customers all over the world using our platform to secure their health data. Our platform can be integrated in hours and guarantees compliance with the technical requirements for GDPR and HIPAA. We are also the only platform certified explicitly for storing health data.If you want to learn more about how we can help, please contact us.

How to apply?

Are you a startup or NGO that is working on a solution to fight Coronavirus? Want to know more about how to meet the privacy and security requirements? Contact us to apply for a programme.

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