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The classic check-box is not enough anymore

A consent with the GDPR has to have several features, both on what you show and on what you store

Must Be
  • Freely Given
  • Specific
  • Informed
  • Granular
  • Explicit

.. and much much more

Must Track
  • The identity of the person
  • When consented
  • Presented information
  • Accepted information
  • Legally valid history

.. and much much more eliminates all risks in 5 minutes implements rules defined by the GDPR, Art 29 Working Party, and national data protection authorities.

GDPR Compliant makes sure you are compliant with the GDPR. It implements everything that is required by the EU laws.

Easy integration

It takes few minutes to setup the plugin in your website.


It's been built to fit your page, a native (Ios/Android) is on its way and the personalization of the look and feel too.

Admin console

A web interface to create, manage and control the consents, export logs, update a policy, and much more.

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