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Cloud Instance and Dedicated Deployments provides a scalable pricing model for any size and need

Cloud Instance

Starting from
100 €
per month

Volume-based pricing

Delivered as a Service

Standard support for integrations

Standard support for compliance

Standard SLA

Dedicated Deployment

Custom pricing
negotiable contract period

Fixed pricing per license

Installed on your servers

Advanced support for integrations

Advanced support for compliance

Custom SLA

Ad-hoc customer support

Frequently asked questions

Can I try it for free?

We offer a sandbox to allow you to test our service for free. It has the same API but no SLA or stability guarantees and so is unsuitable for sensitive data. However, it is the perfect place to test API and start integrating your application. And, yes, it's completely free to register.

You can also book a demo to see how the API works.

What do I need to do to register?

For the sandbox there's no agreement to sign, since there's no SLA and guarantess and you must not store sensitive data There.

For the production environment, we will ask you to sign and send to us: (i) the contract, (ii) the Terms and Conditions and (iii) the DPA (Data Processor Agreement).

How do you measure usage?

Every time your app interacts with, e.g. to store or retrieve data or to login a user, it makes an API call. The number of valid API calls is used to determine your monthly bill. We count any authenticated calls: unauthorized calls are not counted, while wrong calls (e.g., incorrect formats) are counted. The number of calls that you need is very dependent on your specific use case and app.

How many API calls do I need?

The easiest way is to speak with us. We will need to find out from your tech team roughly how many times a user accesses (reads, updates, creates, or deletes) a resource and the number of users you have.

How many JSON documents can I store in 1GB?

We count 1 byte for every character in the body (it's called content in the API calls). This means that the Divina Commedia (which has 408.476 characters, spaces excluded) can be stored in ~500kB. So, you can store up to 2,000 copies in 1GB.

How many blob files can I store in 10GB?

We count the byte size of the attachment you send. The Divina Commedia has ~700pages. If we assume that a scanned page is ~500kB, the whole book is 350MB. So, in 10GB you can store 35 copies.

Still have questions?

See our extended FAQ