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Are you a Startup?

Security and compliance is mandatory for businesses of any size. At we believe that everyone must be able to build safe and compliant businesses and health applications.

Your are eligible for the startup program and discounts if:

  • Your company is less than 5 years old.
  • Your company has received less than 500K € in funding.
  • Your yearly turnover is less than 50K € net.

Frequently asked questions

What is an API Call?

Every time your app interacts with to store or retrieve data, or to login a user, it makes an API call. We count only authenticated calls. Unauthorized calls are not counted, while wrong calls (e.g., incorrect formats) are counted. The number of calls that you need highly depends on your use case and app.

How do I transfer my app from Sandbox to Production?

Register a Production account and start transferring your data and application setup. The registration process will ask you for a valid credit card and to select the preferred plan. You can change the pricing plan (or ask us for a custom one) at any time.

How many JSON documents can I store in 1GB?

We count 1 byte for every character in the body (it's called content in the API calls). This means that the Divina Commedia (which has 408.476 characters, spaces excluded) can be stored in ~500 KB. You can store up to 2000 copies in 1GB. If you store BLOBs, see the next question.

How many BLOB files can I store in 10GB?

We count the byte size of the attachment you send. The Divina Commedia has ~700pages. If we assume that a scanned page is ~500KB, the whole book is 350MB. In 10GB you can store it 35 copies (the biggest problem is how to scan 700 pages).

Still have questions?

See our extended FAQ