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The focus of this tutorial is to create a system for the management of Documents implementing the upload of pictures (using BLOBs) and searching for specific ones.

Use Case

We are going to use the following scenario for a better explanation of this tutorial:

We will create a system for the management of doctors' visits to their patients. visits will be stored in Documents.

Note: in this tutorial we do not manage Users in a proper fashion, we perform all operations with customer_id and customer_key credentials. For a tutorial with logged Users' operations check this link.

A Doctor can:

  • Create Documents with the visit's result

  • Search for specific User's Documents

  • Read all Documents

A User can:

  • Read his Documents with the doctor's visit result

Resources used

For this tutorial, operates with the following Resources:

  • Repository: it's the main container which contains Schemas.

  • Schema: it's the resource which defines the structure of Documents. Here are defined the fields of the future Documents.

  • Document: it's the resource we will use to store sensitive data.

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