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The focus of this tutorial is to give a better explanation of our Search functionality.

After a brief explanation of all the Search functions, some practical examples will be provided.

Search Documents

All the Search queries for Documents are made at the following url:


The list below details the parameters available for a Search request for Documents:

  • result_type - mandatory: it defines how the response is displayed. It can assume the following values:

    • FULL_CONTENT: this result returns the whole Document and also its content.

    • NO_CONTENT: same as above, except for the fact that the content is empty.

    • ONLY_ID: it returns only the IDs of the Documents that matched the Search.

    • COUNT: this query returns only the number of Documents that matched the Search.

  • filter_type - mandatory: it can be and or or based on the logic you want to apply to search parameters.

  • sort - optional: it is used to define the sorting of results.

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