Digital health compliance, made simple e Tutorial - Management of Users and Permissions |


The focus of this tutorial is to show how to grant access to resources only to selected Users with the Permissions system.

Use Case

We are going to create two categories of Users, Doctors and Patients, that will be granted different access rights over the same resource type (Documents). In particular:

A Doctor can:

  • Create Documents that contain the results of a visit

  • Read every Document created

  • Grant Permissions to Patients to read the Documents he creates

A Patient can:

  • Read only the Documents over which the doctor has granted him the Permission

Resources used

Other than Users, we will use the following resources:

  • Application: used to authenticate Users.

  • Repository: the main container for Schemas.

  • Schema: defines the structure, i.e. the set of fields, of Documents. Every Document created under the same Schema has the same fieldset.

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