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Here you can find technical information on how Chino.io API works and how to use it to build health apps.

No other Servers

With Chino.io API you can manage both users and data.

  • Users API implements user registration, authentication and authorization to data through access control policies.

  • Data API you can store, retrieve and search any kind of JSON documents. You can also upload easily attachments up to 1GB, even from low-connectivity devices (chunked upload)

Check the Object model or the Tutorials for more information and step by step examples.

With your Server

If you already have a backend, or if you need to do complex data processing Chino.io is a perfect companion for data storage and user management.

To ensure security and compliance you can choose to store:

  • All personal and sensitive data on Chino.io

  • Only personal or only sensitive data on Chino.io, leaving de-identified or pseudo-anonymized data on your server

To learn more about Chino.io usage download our eBook on Health Apps Compliance.

More resources

Lear more about the Chino.io’s API data modeling, tutorials, full documentation, and code examples.

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