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Chino.io API can be integrated in your App in many different ways, based on your needs, App architecture, technology stack and other factors. Our main mission is to provide a technology that can help you to ensure compliance in all situations, and to adapt to your needs. If you have any question about how Chino.io could help you based on your needs, just contact us.

The Chino.io REST API allows you to manage different resources (check the Object model for more info):

  • Data:

    • store any kind of structured JSON documents. You define the Schema and content. Check Docs Tutorial for an example.

    • upload binary data (BLOBs) up to 1GB, even from low-connectivity devices (chunked upload). Check Docs Tutorial for an example.

    • search documents or users via extremely fast search operation: Check Search Tutorial for an example.

  • Permissions: manage granular and flexible authorization rules to data. Check User Tutorial for an example.

  • Users: registration, authentication and token management via Oauth 2.0 protocol. Check User Tutorial for an example.

More resources

Lear more about the Chino.io’s API data modeling, tutorials, full documentation, and code examples.

Try it now: it takes only 5 steps to test the API

  1. Download the very useful Postman, if you don't have it already.

  2. Sign-up to our free Sandbox.

  3. Copy your API keys.

  4. Paste the keys in the Document Tutorial.

  5. Press and enjoy.

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