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Integrating our API is extremely easy for you and your developers. The API is RESTful and can be accessed via SDKs for all popular languages.

Typically, it only takes your developers a few days to complete the integration. And we make the process risk-free by offering a free sandbox to develop your application in.

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Our API allows you to manage all the resources needed to make your health application compliant with data protection rules. API

Data management

  • Documents: store any kind of structured JSON document. You define the Schema and content. See Tutorial

  • BLOBs: upload binary data (BLOBs) up to 1GB. Works even from low-connectivity devices, via a chunked upload. See Tutorial

  • Search: execute fast queries over the data of Documents and Users. See Tutorial

User management

  • Users: register, authenticate and manage access tokens using the Oauth 2.0 protocol. See Tutorial

  • Permissions: manage granular and flexible authorization rules to access protected data. See Tutorial

  • Consents: create, record, update and log user preferences for data processing. See Tutorial

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to see the full list of resources you can manage with API.

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