Build Compliant Health Applications with

Build Compliant Health Applications

GDPR, EU States and HIPAA impose strict obligations, solves them for you

British Telecom, BT, trust to develop a new secure platform works with Telecom Italia to create a platform in compliance with EU GDPR helps Neocogita in keeping up the security and privacy level of their products is the easiest way to ensure GDPR and HIPAA compliance, and to save time and money.

  • Store and manage any health sensitive data and your app users.

  • Easily integrate your existing apps via REST API and SDKs.

  • Demonstrate compliance with documentation and support. helps developers in the creation of softwares in compliance with EU law, GDPR, privacy and data protection laws

By using you get


Compliance with the current and forthcoming EU, HIPAA and EU Member States data protection & security regulations on healthcare.
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Data Security

Secure data transfers, encrypted storage, access control, and many more, making an app and business secure, reliable and trustworthy.
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Work with anyone

Downloadable risk assessments to enable you to work with hospitals, insurances, or to perform technical due diligence with investors.
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Certified for Medical Software provides compliance reports on quality (ISO 9001) and security (ISO 27001) which can be used for ISO 13485 certifications for medical software or devices.


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