GDPR and HIPAA Compliance for Health Applications

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GDPR and HIPAA mandate complex data protection requirements backed up by huge fines. helps you to ensure compliance and secure your business with just one API call.


Getting it wrong HURTS

Compliance is your responsibility. Fines, loss in business, brand damage are just some of the issues you face

  • Fines up to 20M or 4% of global turnover (GDPR)

  • $225 for each violated health record (HIPAA)

  • Criminal charges, no-go, trust, reputation

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Securely store any data object with 1 API call and focus on your app and users. Use your favorite dev framework and keep your algorithms on your cloud.

  "patient_name": "Kate Austen", // string
  "patient_id": 4815162342, // number
  "wound_image":"dGhpcyBpcyBhIGJhc2U2NCBlbmNvZGVkIGZpZWx=", // base64
  "has_fever": true // bool
Image service architecture

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Compliance & security

Secure your data and users, and make your app and business reliable, trustworthy, and compliant with all current and forthcoming EU, US and EU Member States data protection & security regulations for health care.

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Immediately, start developing for FREE on a reliable, scalable and secure platform. When ready for production, choose one of our extremely scalable volume based pricing plans. Once grown, request a custom installation or pricing.

Risk reduction and reports reduces your data management risks, and our documentation and guarantees help increase your trust when working with hospitals, insurers, or doing technical due diligence with investors.

Certified for Medical Software is the only ISO 13485 certified DBaaS. We can also provide quality (ISO 9001) and security (ISO 27001) certifications and reports for auditing and due diligence.


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