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Managing health sensitive data is challenging solves the endless list of tasks that needs to be implemented to ensure compliance and security.

Some of the tasks that have to be implemented for a compliant and working health application
Some of the tasks that have to be implemented for a compliant and working health application

You can focus on your business and develop your application with your users. manages the complexity of compliance and security for you.

The service that decode security & compliance for you


Each API call uses HTTPS/TLS to protect data transfers, while all documents at rest are encrypted using AES-256. Each user has different encryption keys, stored on different locations.

Access Control

Flexible and granular access control policies can be setup via the API to define access rights for single users or groups of users to single documents or collections of documents.


Daily incremental backups of all data. Backups are encrypted using AES-256 algorithms and transferred to a different physical location.

Audit log

Control who accesses your data, when it was accessed, and from where. Logs are legally valid and non-modifiable.

API security

We provide one-per-customer physical server (or more) at your service. We provide only the state of the art in terms of security and power.

Intrusion detection

Constant (24/07) security monitoring of API behaviour, attacks, and any anomaly in the system. Technology partially developed also in the C3ISP EU innovation project.

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You can do much much more

Check API & docs API's are here to help devs in developing software ready for the health market


It is based on standard REST principles, where resources (e.g. documents) are JSON objects (like in a document-based DB e.g. MongoDB).


Tutorials and SDKs for the most used languages and frameworks (e.g. Java, Python, NodeJS, etc).


Store, update, and share any document containing strings, numbers, images, binary data, texts, BLOBs, etc.

Secure yet powerful

Search over thousands of docs in milliseconds, even though each document is always encrypted at record level.


Can be integrated at client-side (from mobile app) or at backend-side (from your cloud), based on your needs and preferences.


You end up having your data ready to be consumed by third parties, and you can still control granular access policies and track the accesses

Be ready to work with anyone

Demonstrate compliance’s security and risk assessments help you in working with with hospitals, insurers, and other big corporations, which demand security and liability. Gain trust from the first meeting. Naturally, this also holds true for your users.

Gain Trust

Your health data and business security is our only mission. Let transform your app into a compliant and trusted service, that you can deliver to all 28 EU member states, and ensure compliance, security, and reliability.

Expose your data to partners

With API you can easily engage with partners and third-party applications, define who can access to what data with simple permissions. track data accesses, and ensure interoperability, security and compliance.

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