Building a safer place for
sensitive data in the EU

Enabling the dreams of innovators by simplifying digital compliance

Our Mission is to ease compliance in Europe - without compromises.

Since 2015 we help digital companies to ensure privacy and trust for their products.
Building secure apps does not need to be complex. Our goal is to make products that help you to reach the top without problems. Compliance and security are important aspects in today's online business. At we help you to create secure, interoperable, high quality services, and improve healthcare in Europe.
Unleash the power of your ideas, we have spent years studying laws and coding.


We have spent years studying laws and coding. We believe that compliance for digital products is made up of Legal & Tech.

The founders each have a PhD years of work experience on relevant topics. We are fluent in 6 different languages, as well as several programming languages.

Our team is heterogeneous and highly skilled in legal and tech fields such as GDPR, security and sensitive data management.


We collaborate with trusted partners to deliver compliant innovation and disruptive solutions in the digital health environment.

Innovation and Research

We believe in the power of digital innovation.
Our team is involved in the most disruptive EU projects to develop and launch innovative solutions in digital health aiming to improve people’s quality of life.

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AICCELERATE goal is to demonstrate the scalability of the AI solutions provided the Smart Hospital Care Pathway Engine to different types of healthcare uses.

This work is supported by the EC under grant agreement 101016902

Developing a machine learning and AI-informed Long Covid Prediction Support (LCPS) tool.
The goal? To support physicians in the EU to predict LCS and its possible clinical manifestation in patients.

This work is supported by the EC under grant agreement 101057553

RES-Q + is the Registry of Stroke Care Quality to help hospitals and countries improve their strokes system. We use the latest innovation to identify gaps and needs in the healthcare delivery at a hospital, regional and national level.

This work is supported by the EC under grant agreement 101057603

ASCERTAIN addresses the need of patients, physicians, payers, regulators, and manufacturers to improve the affordability and accessibility to innovative health technologies in Europe.

This work is supported by the EC under grant agreement 101094938‬


We help startups to bring innovation to life with workshops, advisory and kickstart projects in some of the most important digital health accelerators in Europe.

Bayer G4A

EIT Health

Vita Accelerator

Healthcare Lab


Vision Health Pioneers

Next Age

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