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sensitive data in the EU

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Our Mission is to help digital health innovators to solve legal barriers

Building secure apps does not need to be complex. Our goal is to make products that help you to reach the top without problems. Compliance and security are important aspects in today's online business, especially when health data are the core. At we created products to help you to create secure, interoperable, high quality services, and improve healthcare in Europe.
Unleash the power of your ideas, we have spent years studying laws and coding.


We have spent years studying laws and coding.
Our team is heterogeneous, international, and highly skilled in fields such security and sensitive data management. The founders each have a PhD with 5+ years of work experience on relevant topics. We are fluent in 6 different languages, as well as several programming languages; but we mostly use Python and Java. is helping some of the largest hospitals and research organisations in Europe who are applying AI to improve hospital care. This work is supported by the EC under grant agreement 101016902. We also receive funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement N 822995.

We are working with

Our team contributes to develop the most secure European cloud

HII - Trusted data with service ecosystem is working to provide better tools and services for consumers and businesses to take greater control over the use of personal and sensitive data.

C3ISP - Collaborative and Confidential Information Sharing and Analysis for Cyber Protection

C3ISP mission is to define a collaborative and confidential information sharing, analysis and protection framework as a service for cyber security management.


EIT Digital Challenge

1st Prize Winner at EIT Digital Idea Challenge 2014 on Privacy, Security & Trust

EIT Digital Challenge

1st Prize Winner at EIT Digital Idea Challenge 2014 on Privacy, Security & Trust

SME Instrument Beneficiary

Among 5% of the EU SME companies that have been awarded on for innovation on Cyber Security topic.

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We are looking for highly motivated people to include in the’s Team to change the world of Healthcare applications