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Help us build a safer place for health data in the EU.

History was founded in 2014 with the mission of helping developers, startups and companies to easily build secure and compliant health apps. In 2014 won the 1st prize at the EIT Digital Idea Challenge competition, and in 2015 it has been awarded as one of the best 8 eHealth startups in EU.

Currently is growing and developing its business, networks and partnerships with other small and big companies in the EU. It is also part of EIT Digital and Vertical Accelerators, which are helping the company to develop its business across Europe.

Goal and future

Our goal is to build services that can help digital health businesses to overcome technical and legal barriers. We aim at creating impact and value in healthcare, not to be just another service. This will be a long journey, that's why we believe in talent, creativity, and collaboration within our team.

What we are looking for

Pursue growth and learning: we are a startup, we are growing and we need people with the willingness to grow together with us. The product and tasks are king, not the clock. In a startup things move fast and quickly. No one knows everything. We need people that want to learn what they don’t know and don’t use it as an excuse to avoid duties.

Be independent: we work agilely. We have a roadmap, but tasks always pop up. You must be able to work under the guidance or on predefined tasks and also to know what’s next even if there’s not a task on the board (we do have meetings/sprints).

Be passionate, determined and persistent: we are looking for people passionate about what we do and with the determination of building something big. People that don't easily give up on problems.

Solve problems: we love people able to solve problems, but more importantly those able to identify them before they even exist.

Be proactive: we have our roles, but everyone can (and is expected to) shoot out ideas and questions. If ideas are buzz in your mind, say so. If there’s a problem, say so.

Do not think you are any "better" than the other: if you are too cool for us, please go somewhere where your genius can be appreciated and can contribute more.

Be respectful: respect all team members, listen to them and make them willing to communicate with you. We are all members of the team and we have to work together for the best.

Be (intellectually) honest: we will invest in you. Be honest, with us, and with yourself. Ask yourself if you are willing to commit yourself and if you are ready to do it with us, what are your objectives and goals?

What we offer

Money: a salary, of course. Depending on the skills, the knowledge and your needs.

Office: a desk in our office in Trento (remote work can be discussed).

A relaxing environment for a stressful job: there’s no fixed working schedule, this is good and bad. We are at the office during light hours but we also work on demand, even late and during weekend if needed. However, the environment is relaxed, we don’t have a dress code, as long as you don’t have to present in public or meet with customers; we don’t have break policies, coffee is always good as long as work is done; and you can make yourself as comfortable as you can as long as you are respectful with the others.

Responsibility: you will be responsible of your job. This means taking care of fixing problems and being able to explain your work to others. You also get the compliments and rewards for your work.

Personal growth: be an owner, act like an owner. We are a startup; your input is as valuable as anyone else's in the company. is growing and you will as well, we have plans to grow together in the company.

Cutting edge work: you will try to innovate in a growing and new market, explore the unexplored, become an expert of the topic, acquire valuable knowledge.

Fulfillment: you will see the results of your work everyday, you will be a large portion of the team, and your voice will be listened by the whole company.

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