Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

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What is a Gender Quality Plan?

A Gender Equality Plan (GEP) is a strategic set of initiatives planned and implemented in order to promote gender equality within an organization, focusing on specific and measurable actions and policies aimed to achieve equal opportunities, treatments and representation for individuals of all genders within the organization.
The European Commission encourages the implementation of GEPs in order to address and rectify gender imbalances among staff. The adoption of GEPs is a requirement for eligibility to receive funding through programs like the Horizon Europe Research Framework.

What are the goals?

The primary objectives of a Gender Equality Plan are as follows:

Fostering Inclusive Work Culture: Create a workplace environment where diversity is celebrated, and all employees feel respected and valued regardless of their gender identity.

Promoting Equal Opportunities: Ensuring that individuals of all genders have equal access to recruitment, career advancement, training and development opportunities within the organization.

Raising Awareness and Education: Educating employees about gender equality issues, biases, and stereotypes and providing training to promote inclusive behaviors and attitudes. 

Monitoring and Evaluation: Regularly monitoring progress, collecting data and evaluating the effectiveness of gender equality initiatives to make informed decisions and adjustments as needed. Quality Gender Plan

The Gender Equality Plan outlined herein serves two primary objectives:

First, to acknowledge the current gender equality scenery within our organization;

Second, to graph a strategic plan for its enhancement over the forthcoming four years, complete with well-defined objectives and related actions.

This document includes concrete measures intended to promote a culture of gender equality and inclusion in four strategic areas: 
1) Work life balance and organizational culture. 
2) Gender balance in management, recruitment and career progression.
3) Integrating gender participation in events.
4) Combating gender bias and harassment.

These measures are crafted to implement a respectful environment that gives value to diversity against all forms of discrimination between genders.' s Gender Equality Plan

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