Digital health compliance, made simple Guide to Health Data Categories |

Free Guide to GDPR health data categories

Use our simple infographic to determine what type of data you are collecting and what this means for your application.

GDPR defines some types of personal data as especially sensitive. If you collect special data like this, you have to protect it properly. Our guide includes a simple infographic, so you can immediately understand what data you collect and what you need to do with it.

Understand how sensitive the data you collect is.

Learn the legal implications for your application.

See some examples of companies that got it wrong.

Get advice on what you need to do next.

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Jovan Stevovic, CEO of

About the Author

Jovan Stevovic

Dr Jovan Stevovic is the co-founder and CEO of Jovan has over a decade of experience in the eHealth industry. He is an active member of the eHealth startup community in Berlin and Italy. He is an expert in data security for eHealth and has a PhD in this field.