Get it right
from day 0

Planning to build your first prototype and start your testing phase?
Want to get peace of mind and care about your customers' privacy?

Our kickstart process allows you to start testing your application with real users and customers.

Why is data protection hard?
Usually, lack of information and inadequate solutions.

Too expensive and rarely justified to have your own data protection team in house.

Consulting companies often:
- Have no tech understanding.
- Get GDPR done at ''company level' without touching product requirements.
- Provide no clear roadmaps and outputs.

It's hard to understand what you need to comply with when building an innovative product.

Are you ready to get it right from the start?

The kickstart is built on working sessions on one or more topics based on your needs.
Our legal and tech experts are here to help you cut the time to market.

You will be guided into a Proven Process with clear deliverables on architecture and legal documents.


Correct choice of cloud and other tech providers

Avoid legal issues related to non-compliant tools and configurations.

Set up consent, privacy policies and data processing agreements

Start testing your app with users , clarifying your legal obligations.

Clarify your role

Controller, processor, a combination of those.
This ensures you know how to deal with data, partners and your business.

Implement key security measures

Encryption, correct cloud setup, and overall application architecture.
This will avoid impactful tech debts.

Understand compliance changes and roadmaps

You will know what to expect on the roadmap, what to avoid, and what to prioritise to ensure the fastest time to market.

What do they say

“ worked closely with us to solve all the compliance and tech challenges. This ensures our users’ trust in our new service."

Sebastian Hermelin, CEO

“ made GDPR compliance easy.
Without them, we would have never been able to “go-to-market” so quickly and confidently in the EU.”

Phil Levy, CTO

“The beauty of working with is their
problem-solving approach. They are always available when we need.”

Robert Kerr, CTO

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