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Free data protection session

Get your data protection questions answered by an Expert and define your compliance roadmap.

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Your compliance assessment

The right measures are different for each product. We’ll define the right blueprint for yours.

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Our legal-tech team will help you in the Data Protection implementation.

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GDPR and HIPAA Compliance

Get your documentation written by our legal team, including: DPIA, Assessments, DPA and BAA, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy. Ensure compliance with all the technical requirements.


The kickstart is built on working sessions on one or more topics based on your needs.
Our legal and tech experts are here to help you to cut the time to market.

External DPO

The DPO as a Service lifts the DPO responsibility off your shoulders, answering towards authorities, partners and users for you.

Dev toolkit

Build your solution on top of our compliance toolkit and leverage compliant-by-design modules, such as secure searchable storage, consent management, audit trails, and more.


If you are building a DiGA, we support companies meeting the latest BfArM General Requirements mandated for DVG Fast-track listing and help you reduce the time and costs to get your product to the market.

EU Representative will be your point of contact with European Data Protection Authorities on all issues related to the processing to ensure GDPR compliance.


Simplify data protection with a single contact point

Get your data protection questions answered by our Experts and define your compliance roadmap.

Rely on someone who understands what you are going through

Build your product with the knowledge and expertise of the same team that built our backend.

Control your timeline with a predictable and proven process

Getting to the right answer is as important as getting there on time.
We have created our proven process working with hundreds of companies on the toughest data protection projects.

Ebooks and whitepapers

Free Guide to GDPR health data categories

A simple infographic to understand the sensitivity of data you are collecting and what this means

Free eBook: How to build MDR certified eHealth applications

Learn about the implications of MDR for your digital health project

White paper: Regulations and standards for digital health applications

Everything you need to know if you are managing a digital health project

Free eBook: How to build GDPR and HIPAA compliant eHealth applications

Your essential overview of data protection and security for digital health


Read the latest articles and news written by our Experts.
We talk about GDPR compliance and data privacy for innovators like you!

DTx: the PECAN French reimbursement scheme is approved.

France has introduced a fast-track market access pathway for DTx and digital health products, adding to similar schemes in neighboring EU countries Germany (DVG for DiGA) and Belgium.


Artificial Intelligence Act: How can Digital Health startups get ready.

The EU is preparing the world’s first proposal for regulating AI. This new regulation will likely become a global gold standard and a blueprint for other nations outside the EU.


Do we avoid GDPR
when we leave the data on the device?

Many digital health companies, afraid of the costs and timeline of GDPR implementation, opt to store personal and sensitive data inside the devices, hoping to circumvent the regulation.